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ESE Programs and Services


Primary Goal
Our primary goal is to provide a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  The educational placement of a student is determined by an IEP committee and is based on the needs of the student.
Continuum of Services
Volusia County provides a continuum of placement options  for students with mild, moderate and severe exceptionalities.
Students with mild/moderate exceptionalities are typically educated in their neighborhood school through the following delivery models: consultation, support facilitation, co-teach, small group, and separate class. 
The students most commonly served in their neighborhood schools are students with learning disabilities, mild emotional /behavioral disabilities,  mild mental handicaps and autism spectrum disorders.

Program Service Delivery Models for students with mild/moderate disabilities

Consultation- Students with mild disabilities receive instruction in a general education classroom with accommodations to instruction. The ESE teacher collaborates with the general education teacher to plan and implement instructional strategies and accommodations including assistive technology if appropriate.
Support Facilitation - Students with mild disabilities receive instruction in a general education classroom with accommodations to instruction with some support from an ESE teacher. The ESE teacher teams with several general education teachers to provide varied levels and frequency of support to students and teachers.
Co-Teach - The ESE teacher is in general education class with the general education teacher.
Small Group/Therapy (Individual) - Small group instruction with a therapist or ESE teacher outside the general education classroom for a portion of a day.  Examples include: speech therapy, language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, orientation or mobility training.
Separate Class - Instruction from ESE teachers for any subject area. Students may change classes.  Modified or supplanted instruction in any area. Based upon degree of severity - academic, functional, social/emotional/behavioral.   

Programs for students with moderate/severe disabilities

Students with moderate and severe disabilities may require more intensive and specialized programs to meet their needs. 
Volusia County has identified cluster schools that provide specialized instruction and services to meet the needs of these students.  
Students served in these programs may be identified with the following exceptionalities: hearing impaired, language impaired, mentally handicapped, emotional/behavior disorders, multiple handicaps, and autism spectrum disorders.​​

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