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Medical Marijuana Policy 218:  “Zoe’s Policy”

Effective December 1, 2018, Volusia County School Board Policy 218, “Medical Marijuana,”  provides for a process to allow a qualified caregiver to administer medical marijuana to a qualified student on a school campus as required by section 1006.062, Florida Statutes.

Volusia County Schools is a drug free workplace.  Employees are not permitted to use medical marijuana.

The following information must be first provided to the school administrator by the parent/legal guardian:
      (a) proof of valid physician certification by a qualified physician detailing when and how often the medical marijuana
           needs to be administered at school.
      (b) proof that student to receive medical marijuana is registered as a qualified patient (view qualified patient card from
           the State of Florida); and
      (c) proof that person who will administer the medical marijuana to the qualified patient is the qualified patient’s
           registered caregiver (view qualified caregiver identification card from the State of Florida)

Please see the links below for Policy 218 and the required Medical Marijuana Verification Form for Qualified Students.

Medical Marijuana Policy 218
Medical Marijuana Verification Form For Qualified Students (English version)
Medical Marijuana Verification Form For Qualified Students (Spanish version)

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