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    • Career Academies

    POWERPOINT of Academies by School 2017-18


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    Atlantic High School Academy Facilitator​: Jeremy Ossler ​ ​ ​

    Atlantic High

    ​Academy of Law & Government

    ​Criminal Justice​Jeremy Ossler
    Atlantic HighAcademy of the Arts​Performing Arts​Jeremy Blackwell
    ​​Atlantic HighAquaculture, Environmental & Marine Science Academy​Horticulture, Science & ServicesStacey Bell
    ​​Atlantic High​Technology Engineering, Science, & Aeronautics Academy​Aerospace Technologies​Samantha Harrison
    DeLand High School Academy Facilitator: Tim Shea​ ​ ​ ​
    DeLand High​Communications Academy​Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Digital Video Production, Web Development

    ​Vicki Perri

    April Sniffen

    DeLand HighEngineering Academy​Applied Engineering Technology​Peter Policke
    Deltona High School Academy Facilitator: Alisha Kellett​ ​ ​ ​
    Deltona High​Academy of Food & Agricultural Science (NEW 2017-18)​Agri, Food & Natural Resources​Farrah Johnson
    Deltona High

    ​Health Services Academy


    ​Allied Health Assisting​Alisha Kellett
    Mainland High School Academy Facilitator: Suzanne Gibson​ ​ ​ ​
    ​Mainland HighAcademy of Scientific Inquiry & Medicine​Allied Health Assisting

    Suzanne Mandell

    Hilarie Blum

    ​Mainland High​Academy of Communications & MultiMedia Technology​Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Digital Video Production, Networking, Web Development

    Wm. Drew Hilburn

    Cliff Scarborough

    ​Mainland High​Academy of Culinary & Hospitality​Culinary Arts

    Jason Kester

    Brian Moriarty

    ​Mainland HighAcademy of Design & Manufacturing Technology​Drafting/Illustrative Design Technology, Engineering Pathways, Manufacturing

    Wm. Drew Hilburn

    Cliff Scarborough

    ​Mainland High​Academy of Simulation & Robotics​Gaming/Sim/Animation Visual Design, Gaming/Sim/Animation Programing, Applied Robotics

    Wm. Drew Hilburn

    Cliff Scarborough

    ​Mainland High​International and Polictical Relations (AIPR) - NEW 2016-17​International Business, Foreign Languages, Americas Future Leaders

    Jason Kester

    Brian Moriarty

    ​Mainland High​Public Service Professions & Careers (APSPC) - NEW 2016-17​Criminal Justice Operations, Fire Science, Teaching AssistingJason Kester

    Brian Moriarty

    ​Mainland HighSports Science AcademyHeatlh & Wellness (Athletic Training), Sports, Recreation & Entertainment Marketing​Suzanne Mandell

    Hilarie Blum

    ​Mainland High​Unified Arts (AUA) - New 2016-17​Visual & Performing ArtsSuzanne Mandell

    Hilarie Blum

    ​New Smyrna High​Academy of Entertainment & Sports Marketing​Sports, Recreation, & Entertainment Marketing​Roshunda Jenkins
    New Smyrna High School Academy Failitator: Denise Johns​ ​ ​ ​
    ​New Smyrna High​Academy of Veterinary Science​Veterinary AssistingJaime Davis
    ​New Smyrna High​Criminal Justice Academy​Criminal Justice Operations​Denise Johns
    ​New Smyrna HighCulinary Academy​Culinary ArtsMallory Parker
    ​New Smyrna High​Engineering Academy​Engineering Technology​Dennis Humphrey
    ​New Smyrna High​Medical Academy​Emergency Medical ResponderKathleen Rich-Zois
    ​Pine Ridge High School Academy Facilitator: Alyssa Shields ​ ​ ​
    ​Pine Ridge High​Health Care Academy​Allied Health Assisting Renae Lee
    Seabreeze High School Academy Facilitator:Samantha Crouch ​ ​ ​ ​
    ​Seabreeze High​Aademy of Culinary Design​Culinary Arts​Meaghan McCracken
    ​Seabreeze High​Academy of Digital Media DesignDigital Media/MultiMedia Design​Gwen Coy
    Spruce Creek High School Academy Facilitator: Amy Bordas​ ​ ​ ​
    ​Spruce Creek High​Academy of Finance​Finance

    ​Christy Grusauskas

    ​Spruce Creek HighAcademy of Information Technology & Robotics​​Computer Systems & IT, Digital Media/MultiMedia Design, Game/Sim/Animation Programming, Applied Robotics, Web Development​Dru Urquhart
    Taylor Middle/High School Academy Facilitator: Connie Mitchell​ ​ ​ ​
    ​Taylor Middle/High​Taylor Center for Arts & Technology​Digital Video ProductionDramaLeah Pitrone
    University High School Academy Facilitator: Jennifer Peel​ ​ ​ ​
    ​University High​Environmental Resources Academy​Environmental Resources​Heather Sniff
    ​University High​Academy of Finance​Finance

    Vincent Roeshink

    Sheryl Flowers

    ​University High​Academy of Gaming & Simulation​Gaming/Sim/Animation Visual Design, Gaming/Simulation/Animation Programming​David Manning
    University High​Academy of Robotics​Applied Robotics​Fred Urquhart
    ​University High​Biomedical Sciences Academy​Biomedical Science​Jessica Clayton
    ​University High​Engineering Academy​Engineering Technology​Steve Perri


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