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Preliminary Plan Review  This form is to request a courtesy service provided by the Building Department for review of projects during the planning and design phase.

Building Permit Application.pdf This form must be printed on BLUE paper. 

Contractor License & Insurance Information (2B) This form must be printed on BLUE paper and have the original signatures of each contractor being used on the project.

Pick-up and Delivery Authorization (2C)  With this form you tell us who is authorized to deliver and pick up construction documents for your company. This document must be printed on BLUE paper.

After Building Permit​ Application Transmittal (3) This form is required for use in transmittal of all documents and correspondence to the Building Department after the application for a building permit has been submitted.  This form must be printed on  YELLOW paper.

code numbers for insp. requests.pdf  Code Number List for Inspection Requests   Use these code numbers when requesting an inspection.

Inspection Request Fax  Use this form to FAX your inspection request into the Building Department

Request to Extend an Active Permit  This form is to be used to extend a permit's active status when work has not commenced within 180 days, or work has been suspended for more than 180 days.

SFCP (School Funded Construction Project) This application is for projects the schools are funding.

Change of Use Form  Use this form to request changing the use of a room or facility.




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