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VCS Upgrading Security System for Visitors and Volunteers


In June, Volusia County Schools will upgrade its security system that is used to check in visitors and volunteers at schools and district offices.  You may know this system as Raptor.  Please be prepared to have your ID scanned into the upgraded system.  If you are an approved volunteer, you will not need to fill out another application.
How will the upgraded Raptor system affect you?

  1. If you are a cleared volunteer, your volunteer profile will transfer to the upgraded system.  The first time you volunteer or visit a school, please be prepared to have your ID scanned into the upgraded system.  IDs will not transfer as part of this upgrade.
  2. You will get an automated message to the e-mail address we have on file confirming your volunteer profile has been transferred.  This e-mail will also provide you with access to a volunteer portal, where you can create an account using the e-mail address we have on file.  This portal can then be used to update your phone number, mailing address and e-mail, as well as to add volunteer hours you may have provided when the Raptor system was not available (such as evening events).  The volunteer portal can be accessed from any computer.
  3. Existing volunteer applications will expire after one year (June 30, 2020), requiring volunteers to reapply.  This will allow contact information to be updated and ensure the VIPS Department has the most up-to-date database for our volunteers.  A reminder will be sent to the email address on file prior to the expiration date.  When the application is re-submitted, IDs will not need to be scanned again unless a volunteer's name has legally changed. 
  4. New volunteer applications will be run through the background check upon submittal.  IDs must still be scanned at a school site and must match the name and birth date provided on the volunteer application.  Approvals are immediate if there are no alerts from the background check.  The approval for new volunteers will expire on June 30, 2020, requiring these volunteers to reapply.
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