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Elementary Curriculum Maps

​The Curriculum Maps were created in Landscape mode. Before ​sending to the Copy Center, or to your local printer, you must change the Orientation in the printer settings from Portrait to Landscape. ​

Click here to watch webinar about Elementary Curriculum Maps(be patient it will take a minute to load)

2015 ELA Frequently Asked Questions

Curriculum Map Updates​

Kindergarten Curriculum Maps

Science Grade K5020010Kindergarten
ELA Preface Grade K5010041Kindergarten
Math Grade K5012020Kindergarten
Social Studies Grade K5021020Kindergarten


Grade 1 Curriculum Maps

Economics with Financial Literacy Honors1
ELA Preface Grade 150100421
Math Grade 150120301
Science Grade 150200201
Social Studies Grade 150210301

Grade 2 Curriculum Maps

ELA Preface Grade 250100432
Math Grade 250120402
Science Grade 250200302
Social Studies Grade 250210402

Grade 3 Curriculum Maps

ELA Preface Grade 350100443
Math Grade 350120503
Science Grade 350200403
Social Studies Grade 350210503

Grade 4 Curriculum Maps

ELA Preface Grade 450100454
Math Grade 450120604
Science Grade 450200504
Social Studies Grade 450210604

Grade 5 Curriculum Maps

ELA Preface Grade 550100465
Math Grade 550120705
Science Grade 550200605
Social Studies Grade 550210705

Grade K-5 Curriculum Maps

Art Grade K5001010K-5
Art Grade 15001020K-5
Art Grade 25001030K-5
Art Grade 35001040K-5
Art Grade 45001050K-5
Art Grade 55001060K-5
Music Grade 15013070K-5
Music Grade 25013080K-5
Music Grade 35013090K-5
Music Grade 45013100K-5
Music Grade 55013110K-5
Music Grade K5013060K-5
K-5 Physical Education NGSSSK-5
K-5 Physical Education5015020, 5015030, 5015040, 5015050, 5015060, 5015070K-5
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