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    • Tax Millage For Schools

    November 6th, 2012: 
    Your Schools, Your Decision!

    The Volusia County School Board placed an important referendum on the November 6th ballot asking the voters of Volusia County to decide what level of funding they wish to have for public education.


    The School Tax Referendum will be used to:
    • Support academic programs
    • Retain teachers
    • Support arts, athletics, and student activities

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    If the One Mill Tax is NOT approved by the voters, the following program cuts will be made in 2013-2014:
    1. Projected minimum $25 million deficit for fiscal year 2013-14 is the equivalent loss of nearly 500 teachers. Class
      • Further reduction in the number of Advanced Placement high school classes
      • Further reduction in middle and high school elective classes, including the arts
      • Reduction/elimination of science fair, social studies fair, field studies/trips
      • Reduction of elementary music and art teachers resulting in these subjects being taught by the classroom teacher
      • Reduction/elimination of various instructional programs, including Project IBIS (environmental/science learning program) and AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
      • Reduction of school district salary payments for teachers to serve as directors for band and chorus, sponsors for clubs, coaches for athletics, and extra duties for supervision and security
      • Major reduction in the number of substitute teacher days allocated to each school that results in combining students into other classes and grouping students into gymnasiums and cafeterias when teachers are absent
      • Instructional materials provided as classroom sets, rather than for each individual student

    2. Loss of a high number of teaching positions that result in a further loss of student instructional programs and extra-curricular activities, including athletics.

    3. Ability to meet Florida Statute class size requirement is highly unlikely with a reduction in the number of teachers, resulting in a financial penalty to the school district.
      • Significantly higher class sizes in middle and high school core academic classes and even higher class sizes in elective courses

    4. Other changes that will impact the instructional program at schools:
      • Increased number of combination multi-grade classes at every elementary school (example—combining grade 2 and 3 students into one class with one teacher)
      • Increased number of elementary schools that share a principal with another elementary school and further reduction of assistant principals at secondary schools.

    Check back often, as this site will be updated with the most current information as it becomes available.
    (Last Updated: 9/12/2012)

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