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    • Citizen Oversight Committee

    One Mill Citizen Oversight Committee

    If the one mill tax is approved by voters, a citizen oversight committee will be appointed to provide oversight for the funds that will be directed to teachers and classrooms.  The one mill will generate approximately $26 million a year for four years, beginning with the 2013-14 operating budget.
    A similar committee was established when the half-cent sales tax was approved by voters in 2001 for an aggressive 10-year building program.  During that period, the oversight committee met regularly to make sure the district kept its promise to the taxpayers of Volusia County.  Annual reports were made to the school board and the community regarding the progress of the identified projects.  The building program is now complete and the current committee made its final report to the school board in September 2012. 
    The eleventh annual report is available for review at the following link:
    As noted in the conclusion of this report (Page 21): “The board has kept the promise.”
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